• Webdesign and digital identity.

  • Logo vignet, identity & website

  • Typedesign for organic beauty products

  • Graphic relief. 70x70cm. Mahogany Sipo

  • Lettering. School assignment

  • getfred logo animation

  • Illustration of creative processes

Freelance graphic & digital design

This is a portfolio displaying various visual works of Frederik Rafn Barfod, Copenhagen bound freelance designer. Update in progress. See more of my work at behance.net/getfred

Defined by coincidence.Series of collages

Kulturhavn, Copenhagen.

18 Maj, Nørrebro. See more illustrations

Kokkedal Castle. Webdesign and identity

Mado lettering.

Mado bookcover & lettering

Stål Remix. Coverdesign

FONA campaign identity.

Øhav salt identity. Explore on Behance

Kunsthøjskolen I Holbæk.

Jens Barfod, Achitect

Mischja inlaycard

Nomadix inlaycard


Boxer TV Package design.

Boxer TV, Various packages.