15 years of work experience and visual communication bachelor at kadk

In 2015 I quit my job at an advertising agency to attend the Bachelor i Visual Communication at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. With freelance work at the side, it was possible for me to start the journey of refining myself as a designer. Realising that my design practice, mostly with digital design, not only was a place i visited 37-40 hours a week, but a part of my personal wellbeing and joy. To take part in delivering quality and craftmanship is an ever present motivation for me. To create visual experiences that enchances or improves. Leaving great collegues, paycheck at a reputable and succesfull agency was no easy choice. Especially in my late 30’ties with an old car and a newly refurbished apertment.

But I felt like stepping back and looking at the broad scene of being and developing as a designer, as well as a human being. So I sold the VW, that needed expensive care, and took a roommade in my Copenhagen apartment. Now I could focus on the classes, lectures and readings, and still be able to buy organic groceries and keep massaging my soft spot for great concerts with cold tap beers and touching cinematic dramas. I live in Nørrebro – Copenhagen with my two year old daughter.