Graphic Reliefs

Frederik & Davids graphic reliefs is a morph between the old woodcarver craft and graphic design. Pictures crossing the line to sculptures. Dynamic shapes in a living material. The creation process is a cooperation between graphic designer Frederik Rafn Barfod and woodcarver David Svane.

The raw condition planks in Mahogany Sipo are cut, planned and glued together in the desired format. Lines are drawn, depths are argued and settled and the carving begins. Linseed oil are applied as a final treatment. The pieces have a mounted suspension mechanism. The pieces are for sale & available for exhibition.

Following are the two first works. They are 2,5 cm. in thickness, and the boards/spacers at the back, are 2 cm. They make the pieces release the wall and belong in the room. The originals should be experienced for proper judgement.