Ofir redesign and digital identity


· Ofir.dk is the second largest job search site in Denmark.
· Over 500.000 monthly visitors.
· Over 60.000 monthly jobapplications.
· Cover all types of jobs.


· Lift the brandexperience and user experience by new frontend design.
· Follow the existing web functionality, architecture and structure.
· Due to brand history and recognition; use existing colors and logo base.

Issues in existing design

· Wague sence of a general aligment or grid.
· Lack of hierachy and contrast in typography.
· Experienced hierarchy does not seem not to follow intended hierarchy?
· Too wide columns with resulting in poor readability.
· Boxed and crammed design with surrounding ”no-mans-land”.
· Experienced hierarchy seems not to follow intended hierarchy?
· The modules seem developed along the way. Leeds to…
· Inconsequent graphical experience and thereby a poorer UX