Why change Blaagarden?

Blågården housing area was build in 1985 in the old factory and working class neighborhood “Den Sorte firkant” by Blågårdsplads and Stengade,  as a part of a plan to get more affordable housing in Copenhagen. The imagined lifespan was 25-30 years. Blågården is now owned and administered by FSB. The buildings are perceived as monotonous and dull. The passages are dark and invisible. Theres not much sence of “homelyness” and belonging and no clear relation or contrast to the surrounding architecture.*

Since this buildings have remained here, and will do so for an undenfined period of time, this project a is an attempt to change those perceptions. The projects contain following alterations.

Painting the moduled buildings in a colorsceme that is coherent with the nuances that already exists in this neighbourhood and the rest of Nørrebro. Opening the ground floor common rooms and offices towards Blågårds Square by using the already existing glass modules and doors in “Støberiets” library, another similar building next to Blågården. Lighting the ground areas around the entrances for sequrity and to change the rather direct and sharp direct light to more indirect lit surfaces.

*Blågårdsvisionen (2015-16)